West Midlands Platinum Jubilee Music Competition

The Brief

We are looking for an SATB composition with piano accompaniment set to the commissioned poem. We aim to give composers as much freedom as possible to enable them to use the full breadth of their creative capacity. 

We do ask that you consider the following:-

  • Suitability for school aged children with a varied singing ability
  • Theming – the Jubilee is a grand, joyful and momentous occasion 

The Poem
Lighting our Way the Gracious Throne

Chorus: seventy years rest behind us, 
Bright with the flames of hope and change.
And many years are yet to come,
Igniting justice, fighting hate.
Together we stand as a nation,
We will never be alone.
We will build a brighter future,
Lighting our way- the gracious throne.

Even when disease rained down,
People’s lives were flooded now,
Storms of chaos; some could fight,
Those who dressed in blue and white.
Still she spoke with hope and belief,
Addressing the nation, providing relief.
Still she spoke with kindness and care,
Healed the country, helped us repair.


Through times of war, waves of hate,
Isolation, disease and change.
Floods of fear, people’s pain.
Still she led us through.
As the future floats above,
Raining down with peace and love,
She shows girls that they can lead.
Seas of courage are all we need.
Clouds of hatred now will fade.
Women helping lead our way.


We will build a brighter future,
Lighting our way- the gracious throne

Message from the Poet

This poem/song was not only inspired by the queen, and her seventy year reign, but also the impact she has had on different people through times of uncertainty. A lot of my poetry is focused on reaching out to people and writing about experiences and events that may have impacted people’s lives, both positively and negatively. 


I tried to follow this theme into my poem, focusing on more recent events (i.e the COVID pandemic) and how the queen spread hope through a nation facing isolation and uncertainty as well as focusing on her whole reign, and how she has been a strong female inspiration for many girls growing up. 


I also included references to girls who may want to grow up to take up leading positions as well as a tribute to the NHS hence the “dressed in blue and white” to highlight their great importance over the years, but especially over the past two years. 


Overall, I hope that this song will become a celebration of our past as well as a symbol of hope for the future, especially highlighting the monarchy and their importance in leading this nation.

  • Fatma Mohiuddin

    Birmingham young poet laureate 2020 - 2022



In order to be able to enter the competition students must meet be:-

Studying a music degree at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, University of Wolverhampton or University of Birmingham

Aged 18-25


Please submit your composition In PDF file format with a MIDI audio file and a short paragraph (max 250 words) explaining background information and your inspirations to your lead university contact. 


The deadline for submissions is midday on Tuesday 15th February 2022


Your university will announce shortlisted submissions in late February 2022.

The winning submission will be announced in early March 2022.